Deferred Shading in Ogre

Jun 8, 2011

Well, over the past few weeks I’ve been working on-and-off on migrating Ogre’s Deferred Shading demo to my own application code (well, to be perfectly honest, the whole thing took about two days. The first day was the day I started two weeks ago, and the second day was yesterday. I just tend to get distracted easily, so I explored Unity, Unigene, Cryengine modding, Witcher 2 modding and Google’s NaCl in the other 12 days).

Anyway, the thing is now (more or less) complete! Here’s a screenshot of the Athena scene from Ogre rendering in my app using deferred shading:

So, what comes next? Probably Light Propagation Volumes. Or perhaps something simpler to start with, like God Rays.