Tunnel vision

Oct 25, 2015

For the past few years I’ve been looking forward to an extended stay in the States. I had a long list of things I’d do, people I’d meet, places I’d see, dishes I’d try, etc.

I’ve been here for about six weeks now, and the only thing (well, one of two things) that’s consistently on my mind is.. the next quiz. The next homework. The assignment that’s due three weeks from now. The homework that I did poorly in. The career fair I didn’t go for. The https://www.google.com/foobar tab that’s been sitting open in my browser for two weeks now. Internships I need to apply for (and land) before December.

It’s easy to get tunnel vision. While all of the above are undoubtedly important, I’m falling into the same trap I fell in a few years ago. Instead of living my life, I’m worrying about everything else so that I can live a better life sometime in the future. And when that future gets here, I’ll still be busy making my future life better. Hence I’m making this post to remind myself: while worrying about tomorrow, don’t forget about today.