First week in the states

Sep 21, 2015

Time to pull back the veil a bit. I’ve been absent for the past few months because I couldn’t write about what I was up to. And that’s because I was busy applying for college, getting admitted and then working out the logistics of paying fees, finding a place to stay and moving to a whole new country.

Now that all that is done and I’m sitting in a lounge on campus, I can write about it. I’ve enrolled for a Masters in Computer Science at UC San Diego. I reached San Diego on the 10th, and it’s been a fun time so far with lots of ups and downs.

One thing’s for sure, it’s really hard to get around. I have a bus pass sticker on my student ID so that helps a bit, but the bus routes don’t seem to lead where I need to go and the only bus stop close to my place is about a mile away. The closest grocery stores are also a few miles away, so getting a car seems like the best thing to do. But maybe I should be more realistic and just get a bike instead.

I definitely like the city though. It’s a lot like Sunnyvale (which I also liked) in terms of how there are very few tall buildings and everything is spread apart with lots of space. Can’t complain about the weather, although it’s been on the hotter side the past few days.

Right next to the campus
No tall buildings!

Orientation week is almost over. Today’s the last day of orientation where they perform a documentation check to make sure everything’s in order. Classes start on the 24th.