A drive at the end of the world

Nov 9, 2014

As most of my close friends know, I’m a big fan of post-apocalyptic scenarios. If I saw a zombie shuffling towards me with bits of gore sticking out of its mouth and its entrails trailing on the ground, I’d probably yell for joy. No surprise, then, that a fair amount of my dreams (the sleeping kind) involve similar settings. What was unusual about last night’s dream was that it took place on the cusp of the apocalypse, not after. A meteor or something similar was about to hit the planet and eradicate most life forms, and everyone was just waiting around for it. And instead of foraging for supplies or hunkering down in an underground bunker or something, in the dream I had calmly accepted my fate and joined people in waiting.

Another unusual detail was that there was no looting or any of the other stuff that usually accompanies a breakdown in law-and-order due to cataclysmic circumstances. Nobody was scrambling around, trying to save their hides or just convulsing in the throes of panic. Everyone was calm and composed and just sitting around, peacefully enjoying the last few hours of life left to them. As is (probably?) typical of dreams, one of my ex-muses was in it. But instead of magically building something in the dream that I couldn’t in real life, my subconscious instead decided to go for a drive. Apparently on some level I’m convinced that driving around on empty streets would be the best way to enjoy my last few hours of life.

Guess I should go get a driver’s license then.