My dotfiles

Aug 3, 2014

I have a somewhat involved emacs setup that I’ve customized and maintained over the years. Given the size of the setup and the fact that I use it on a few machines, I naturally set up a git repo to maintain it right at the outset. Recently I got around to using the built-in package manager instead of maintaining all the packages I use as git submodules. However, since my configuration had a few custom functions tailored to my work at Infinera, I could not make the repo public and hence resorted to storing it on my EC2 instance.

Since I should be jumping ship soon (which is the reason why I haven’t written anything lately, I’ve been busy with the ship-jumping part) I’ve taken out all Infinera-specific stuff out of my config and hence it can now be made public.

In addition to my emacs setup, the dotfiles repo I’ve created also has a Brewfile for Homebrew packages that I use and a config for the oh-my-zsh setup that I switched to recently.

Here’s the repo: It comes with a bootstrap file which should hopefully work.