Gonna sit on my ass

Mar 9, 2014

I am pissed off.

Dark Souls 2 releases for NA on the 11th and for the rest of the world on the 14th. Having already ordered and preloaded it on PSN, I was perfectly content till about 72 hours back to just wait it out with the rest of the community. I would visit the subreddit about once a day to catch up on the latest speculation, and that was about it. I have other games to play, I have work to keep my busy, I have studies to catch up on, and I have several pet projects that I’m working on.

But then about 72 hours back people started getting their hands on the game. Several retailers in the states broke the street date and sold the game early. Or there were store managers who received an early complimentary copy from FromSoftware and gave it away to their friends. Then someone naturally uploaded the 360 copy to a torrent site. And this was followed by a flood of spoilers on the subreddit.

Now, whenever I load the page, I’m forced to see a long list of threads marked as spoilers. Spoilers that I can’t look at, because I’ve kept myself more-or-less spoiler-free so far. It’s bad enough that all these people are getting to play the game while I’m not. On top of that, they’re posting everything cool about the game and asking for help getting past bosses and shit like that.

I tolerated it for 24 hours. Then I borrowed my friend’s Xbox and tried to flash it. Then I tried to load CFW on my own PS3. Neither worked out. I ended up having to format my windows partition and reinstall windows. Now I’m just sitting here and dejectedly staring at the preloaded game on my PS3. I hate feeling excluded. I am pissed off, and I will not be doing anything on the side till I get to play the game. No pet projects, no studying, nothing. Screw the world, screw my future, screw you.