The new theme is ready

Jan 31, 2014

My flatmate Ninad told me about a cool theme named Cait for Pelican a couple of weeks back, and I immediately decided to implement something similar for this site. As outlined in a previous post I was having some trouble getting the theme to work as intended on pinch-to-zoom-enabled mobile devices, but I sorted those issues out with a small hack. The last thing remaining was getting the Archives page to render differently on mobile devices, since the 3-column format I’ve chosen for larger displays isn’t really well-suited for screen-estate-limited displays. Anyway, I finally got around to optimizing that page for smaller displays too, and the new theme is now (more-or-less) complete. I don’t see any issues with it, but if you (dear reader) find any problems using the site, either on your PC or on a mobile device, please sound off in the comments below and I’ll do my best to fix those issues too.