I am a grumpy old man

Dec 30, 2013

It’s 1:45 AM over here, and I just got back home after stepping out to yell at some kids.

After getting off my computer at about 12.30 AM, I took my headphones off and went to bed, only to realize that there was a party happening in another apartment inside the apartment complex, and the resulting noise wasn’t letting me sleep. In addition to loud music, there were also a couple of girls yelling and laughing, and to my unmarried and single brain, the sound of girls laughing so late at night pretty much guarantees that any drowsiness goes away completely. So, I waited till 1 AM, and then headed out to find out which flat’s residents were making so much noise. I found the apartment building and asked the building’s security guard what was up. He told me which flat’s occupants were the source of all the noise, and informed me that he had just texted his boss for backup. While we were waiting for the security head honcho to turn up, another resident came by, with the same intentions that I had come with. The security head turned up, we went to the flat, knocked really hard, scolded the tenants, and got them to turn down off the music.

So, I’m officially the old guy who turns up to stop the young kids from having fun. And the funny part is that the kids in the flat looked to be about the same age as me. Oh well. It’s 2:12 AM right now, and I can’t sleep. Guess I’m gonna be a zombie at the office after 6 more hours.