Trip to the Forbidden City

Aug 12, 2013

We visited the Forbidden City today. It was just as exhausting as yesterday’s trip, plus we were in the city so it was hotter, plus it was cloudy so it was really clammy, plus the Forbidden City is completely walled off so the air was still. Not a very pleasant experience, and I wasn’t really all that impressed with the city itself. Oh well, here are some pics.

Leading up to the forbidden city. Look at at the streets, look how clean they are. Look at the buildings. Look at the bus. Look at the girl scratching her back.

Approach to the forbidden city

The entrance. Don’t know who that girl is or why she’s staring at the camera with that expression on her face

Entrance to the forbidden city

Inside the city

Inside the forbidden city

Water! Seriously, it was very hot inside the city, and it was a hot and clammy day besides.

A bottle of cold water

Another spot inside the city

Another spot inside the city

A sign! No idea what it means

A mysterious sign

And finally, the exit

Exit from the forbidden city