The land of shorts and miniskirts

Aug 7, 2013

I’m visiting Beijing for a week to assist in the training of the Beijing team with respect to a new unit-testing framework developed by one of the guys in the India office (who is also with me). And as you can probably tell from the title of this post, I’m experiencing somewhat of a culture shock. Right from the airport to my hotel, I’ve seen girls/women wearing only either shorts or short-skirts. And in case you think I’m exaggerating here, let me assure you that there are so many females on the streets wearing one of the above, that it is indeed rare to find anyone wearing anything that extends below the knees.

Now bear in mind that this doesn’t apply only to the fairer sex. Most of the guys I’ve seen here are also wearing shorts more often than not, but since that is something that I’m somewhat used to seeing in India as well, that doesn’t really stick out to me as much as the number of girls I see in skimpy clothes. Because in addition to wearing shorts or short-skirts, most of these girls are also wearing either sleeveless tops or tank tops.

Now, I’m not being a prude here, normally my heart races whenever I spot a girl in skimpy clothes. However, given that practically every girl you see out here is wearing somewhat the same style of clothes, I’ve gotten used to it pretty fast. And instead of gawking at them like a creep, my brain simply registers the fact that the girl has beautiful legs and then moves on to examining her face, which is what I tend to do with normally-dressed girls in India as well (the face part, not the legs part).

Also, I don’t know whether it’s just some part of me that’s attracted to girls with pale complexions, but most of the girls I’ve seen so far are pretty attractive. Not gorgeous, but pretty damn attractive nonetheless. I mean, in India I would see a couple of attractive girls on a typical day, but I would also see a few ugly ones. So far I haven’t seen any ugly girls here, in my opinion most of them would be classified as either hot or - at the very least - cute.

Moving on from the topic of girls, I’ve already seen several things here that impressed me, and I’ll be writing about some of them in the days to come. I’m also taking photos whenever the moment arises, but transferring photos over from my phone to my office laptop is cumbersome, so I’ll most likely update future posts with photos (wherever appropriate) once I’ve returned to India.