Getting master password for twittering-mode to work in Windows

Apr 6, 2012

Slightly complicated, so here’s what you do: (Note that this definitely works for Emacs23 up) 1. Download and install GnuPG for Windows (I got the Slim version) 2. Launch Emacs (existing instances won’t inherit the new value of PATH added by the installer, and twittering-mode needs (executable-find “gpg”) to succeed in order to enable the master password 3. Add the following to your .emacs/init.el:

(require 'twittering-mode)
(setq twittering-use-master-password t)

That should do the trick. twittering-mode needs EasyPG/alpaca and gpg in order to use the master password feature, and EasyPG comes bundled with > Emacs23, so if you have an older version of Emacs, getting EasyPG might do the trick. Or it might not. Don’t know.