Finally finished a game

Apr 30, 2012

Woot! I’ve finally managed to finish something I started, despite getting bored halfway through it.

I’ve been working on an in-browser version of Zatacka for a while now. It started off as a networked multiplayer game involving different rooms which people could join, but once the gameplay was done I got bored. What I faced next was stuff like adding logic for creating new rooms and deleting empty rooms, along with the necessary HTML and CSS to style the pages. Testing it by myself would also have been a nightmare. So I put the project on the backburner, and started working on developing my failed Ludum Dare entry further.

But today I realized that if I continued like this, Zatacka would never get done. So I sat down for a couple of hours and ripped out all networking code in a new branch, and finished a local version of the game. It’s pretty similar to the original, in that five players will have to crowd around one single keyboard in order to play. At the status bar could use some styling, but that’s for another day. What matters here and now is that the game is finally done, and can be played in all its glory here.

The code for the game is available on its github page.