Still alive and kicking

Dec 4, 2011

The project is still alive and kicking, I’ve just been busy with preparations for applying for an M.S. Made some progress today and managed to get array elements to cross-reference correctly anywhere in the class definition, but now I have a new problem: keywords self and super. They’re just keywords, but they’re supposed to behave like cross-references.self is the current class, and super is the parent class. Now, I’ve specified a rule for cross-references, which goes something like

QualifiedIdentifier: child=[DeclaredVariable]|childWord=Word;
Word: ID | 'super' | 'self';

but it’s not working; instead of matching the Word rule, Xtext tries to match [DeclaredVariable], and announces that no such DeclaredVariable was found. Don’t know what to do now, will beat my head against it for a couple of days, otherwise will ask around on the forums for help.