Minor update

Oct 26, 2011

Plugging away at the code, fixing errors one-by-one. One interesting problem I’ve yet to solve is for scope resolution inside the DefaultProperties block. Normally, struct variables are resolved by [parent variable].[child variable]. However, inside the DefaultProperties block, struct variables can be assigned values as follows:

For a variable “Outputs” declared as

struct ExpressionOutput {
    var string OutputName;
    var int Mask, MaskR, MaskG, MaskB, MaskA;
var array<ExpressionOutput> Outputs;

the default values of the struct’s child variables can be initialized as:

defaultproperties {
    Outputs(0)=(OutputName="", Mask=10, MaskR=10)

So, I need to let the child variables be directly accessible in this case, without requiring the Dot operator. Should be simple enough.